The Pure in Heart shall see God.

What does God look like? When I started I had no idea. All I heard or saw was His voice. And that I wasn’t sure of. So I studied the word of God to find out what He did look like. It was like a puzzle. Piece by piece, I put the picture together. God revealed His presence first. I knew when He there. What happened as I studied, it change my heart. And as my heart cleared of all the junk, I began to see God as He is. I was surprised at the gentleness and softness of God heart. My Father loves me with all His being. And do what is necessary to get me home. He opened His heart to me and let me in. No one has ever loved me so completely. I can enter into His presence anytime I want to. And I want to live in His presence. I have gone to visit many times. But I will go home to stay one day. Everytime you reach out to help someone or say a kind word or a word of encouragement, open you eyes and see God. He is always there. You just need to open your eyes What does He look like? He looks like a Father who loves His children so much that He sent his oldest son to die for our sins. He standing next me and helping me to write this blog. God bless you.

Crain Blanchard. L

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