Prayer and Fasting.

In Matthew 6:16-18, Jesus had just talked about prayer and forgiveness. He goes on to talk about fasting. Jesus is our example. When He talks about a subject, Jesus is showing us how to do something. Prayer isn’t just saying something repeatedly. It is entering into God’s throne room. We must go in with praise and Thanksgiving. Then when you do enter in, you must forgive those who have ought against you. And you must forgive yourself. Then you are ready to ask of God. Jesus shows us a better way. The better way is fasting. But He said not to make it known to anyone. When fast, you go out into the world like any other day. You clean up and look presentable. Never hinting that you are fasting. I went to a business meeting with some colleagues. After the meeting, we went to a steak house. I order tea. While everyone was eating steak, they asked me why I wasn’t eating. I wasn’t going to lie. So, I told them I was fasting. Then they asked why. And I was able to share the gospel. As you fast, God will place you where you can do the will of God. Fasting makes you more sensitive to the presence of God. It is part of praying. As you draw closer to God, your prayers are answered. And you get to see the results. This is prayer and fasting.

Crain Blanchard.

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