And the Flood came and the Wind blew.

If you have lived in Louisiana since 2016, you know what I’m talking. A perfect hurricane formed over Louisiana and there were no prevailing winds. So the hurricane stayed put for a month and rained. In August of 2016, there were 62 inches of rain. Anything that could flood did. 250.000 homes were under water. Over a million people where displaced. It was the largest disaster in Louisiana since hurricane Katrina. Now there is another disaster, the Corona virus. How many disasters will it take before people will hear Jesus and respond? In Matthew 7:24-28, Jesus talks about people hearing His words and doing them. Then He talks about the people who don’t listen to what He is saying. Jesus said, the rain came and the winds blew and their house fell. And great was the fall of it. Will you wait until you are taken away? Jesus is calling everyone. Those who respond, Jesus said their houses will not fall. Can’t you see the storm that is before you?

Crain Blanchard.

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