Entering In.

The children of Israel, after wandering in the wilderness, reached the Jordan river. Two tribes refused to go into the Promised Land, Manasseh and Gad. They saw that the lands on the east side of the Jordan river were good for their cattle. Moses tried to persuade them to go in. Their names and position in the kingdom were lost in time. When Jesus and the disciples entered the ships to cross over the sea of Galilee, He knew where He was going. It was called the land of the Gadarenes. They landed and began to walk toward Gadara. Two men possessed of the devil, came and fell down in front of Jesus. They worshipped Him. Jesus didn’t let them say who He was. The devils asked Jesus to cast them into the herd of swine that was nearby. Jesus said, go. They entered the pigs and the whole herd ran off the cliff into the sea and drowned. The two men were now free and in their right minds. The whole town came out and asked Jesus to leave. God gave us opportunity to enter in and it is up to us to respond. God gave the Gadarenes opportunity twice to enter in and they refused. They were lost to their place in Israel. Entering in is how we will find our place with God. (Matthew 8:28-34).

PS. Jesus sent the two men back to their people to preach the gospel.

Crain Blanchard.



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