The Children’s Bread.

in Matthew 9:18-26, there are two examples of healing. A ruler of a synagogue came to Jesus because his daughter was dying. He asked Jesus to come and heal his daughter. Jesus was on His way, when a woman, as the bible says an issue of blood for twelve years, touched Him. She was healed. The only way that these two people received their healings is that they believed God. Faith is what moves God. Jesus didn’t even know that the woman was there until healing flowed from Him. Jesus turned to look for the person who had touched The heart of God. When He saw the woman, Jesus said thy faith has made thee whole. Faith is what God uses to restore man to the kingdom. Whether it is healing, deliverance, salvation or the baptism of the Holy Ghost, faith is what moves God. The Children’s Bread, Matthew 15:26.

Crain Blanchard.

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