Choose one, faith or doubt.

In Matthew 11:1-6, Jesus had finished instructing His disciples. He began teaching and preaching in Galilee. John the Baptist had been arrested for calling Herod an adulterer. From prison, two of John’s disciples were sent by him to ask Jesus if He was the Christ. Jesus answered them from the book of Isaiah describing the Christ. Why after all that John the Baptist went through with Jesus would he doubt? John was a prophet of God and powerful man of God. But only with persecution do you find out what is in your heart. People don’t want to think about persecution. But it’s the refiner’s fire that purges our heart. And it is something we all must go through. John had to face and conquer his doubt and fear in prison. Which he did. Courage comes to us in the middle of the battle. It’s born out of our belief in Jesus. Just as John the Baptist did.

Crain Blanchard.

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