The Parable of the Leaven.

A parable is a proverb. In Matthew 13:33-35, Jesus told the parable of the leaven. A parable or proverb is a dark saying. To understand them, you must seek God. Without the Holy Spirit, you can’t understand the bible. Jesus began to reveal the mysteries of the kingdom. Even the disciples at this point didn’t understand the parables. Jesus had to explain them to the disciples. The parable of the leaven is the word of God recieved in your heart. It begins to grow inside of you. So much so, that it will change you from the inside out. You become a different person. One that is useable in the work of the kingdom. Jesus is the bread of life. We become little Jesus’s or Christian’s. Only the people who sought God would understand the parables. This is one of the mysteries of God.

Crain Blanchard.

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