The Parable of Forgiveness.

In Matthew 18:23-35, Jesus spoke a parable about a Lord who had all his servants to pay back what they owed him. One servant owed him 9 million dollars. The servant couldn’t pay. The Lord ordered that he and his family and all he owned to be sold to pay the debt. The servant fell on his face and prayed for mercy. The Lord had compassion and forgave the debt. The same servant went out and found another servant who owned him 15 dollars. He grabbed him by the throat and said pay me what you owe. The servant begged for forgiveness. The first servant throw him into prison until he paid. The other servants of the Lord went and told him what had happened. The Lord became angry and took the the first servant and threw him into prison. He said to him, I forgave you your debt and should have done the same. You will not come out until the debt is paid. Jesus said, your heavenly Father will do the same to anyone who doesn’t forgive his brother. Forgiveness is the basis of our salvation. Anyone who doesn’t forgive their brother, has no part in God. Because God is love and forgiveness.

Crain Blanchard.

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