This is the Day.

There are so many saying that Believers have that almost have become cliches. It’s only when it passes from knowledge to experience that the saying becomes real. We teach children songs about life and when they are older hopefully they become real in there lives. My all time favorite songs and stories are about King David and his exploits. The thing about King David is that he never lost faith in God, no matter what he did. Nobody is perfect. We strive for it, but we just never quite get there. Sometimes it’s very frustrating. But it’s not giving up that makes the difference. Of course, I’m talking about scriptures we make into saying. My favorite is a Merry heart works good like a medicine. I’ve walked through hell laughing. Again the only way for a scripture to become real in your life, is experience it. Take your favorite saying and ask God to make real in your life. Then hold on, you are about to go on a journey.

Crain Blanchard.

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