The Sign of Jonah, part #2.

I always thought that the sign of Jonah was Jesus in the belly of the world for 3 days and nights. But as I was reading in John 20, where Mary Magdalene and others went to the tomb wrap Jesus’ body properly. They found that the tomb was empty. They didn’’t know what to do. The angels in the tomb told them the Jesus had risen and go tell His disciples. Peter and John ran to the tomb. They both entered in and saw just the grave clothes. John believed but Peter didn’t. The angels told them to go to Galilee and Jesus would met them there. Jesus did appear to them later that day and told them to go to Galilee. I believe Jesus wanted the core of the church to be out of harm’s way. The disciples went home to Galilee. It took 3 day and nights to get home. When they arrived, they still didn’t believe or understand what God was doing. After 3 years of following Jesus and hearing Him teach. Peter and the rest of the disciples did what they knew. They went fishing.

They had to make a choice. They heard what Jesus and now had to put everything into practice. They were still reeling from Jesus crucifixion. They were caught between this world and the next. They didn’t know what to do. As they were fishing, Jesus appeared on the beach and asked if they had caught anything. Peter, not knowing that it was Jesus, said they hadn’t caught any fish. Jesus said put your net on the other side. When they did, it filled with fish. Peter’s eyes were opened and said it is the Master. Peter jumped into the water and swam ashore. The others brought the boat in. It says that they abandon the ship to follow Jesus into the world.

The sign of Jonah is our journey from unbelief to faith. And yes we have to go into the belly of the whale for 3 days and nights. But once we believe, we will come out on the side. Then we are ready to do the will of God. Jonah repented of his sins and listen to God. God gave him the largest revival in the old testament. Jesus went on the same journey, but not in unbelief. But He is our example to follow.

Crain Blanchard.

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