Another Day in Paradise.

Another Day in Paradise.

Years ago, I was the Music Director for a Christian radio station. I didn’t listen to secular music. We were always told in the church community that it would affect your walk with God. Because everything that enters into your ears and eyes goes directly to your spirit. This is a true statement. This is why we are warned in the bible about it. Then I heard a song from a rock star and things changed. When I heard this song, I began to cry. What I heard in this song was the heart of God. It moved me so much that I wanted to put it on the Christian radio. The song is Another Day in Paradise by Phil Collins. It about the homeless, the lost and dying people of our generation. When Jesus looked upon the people gathered to hear Him and to be healed, He was moved by compassion for the people. I thought how can this rock star write this song about the compassion of God. The word paradise is Persian for garden. Then God showed me Nebuchadnezzar, the heathen king of Babylon, was called the servant of God. Then I knew that God had ordained this music. The homeless is a passion of Phil Collins. He remade the song in 2016. The song first came out in 1989. This kind of compassion only comes from God. I have a friend who’s first born in homeless in Los Angeles. Earlier this year, he risked catching Covid-19 to try and save his son. He spend seven days on the streets of Los Angeles. Today on the streets of Los Angeles, there are 60,000 homeless people. So as we live our lives in our paradise, garden, what becomes to the lost and dying on the streets? I can still see Jesus weeping.

Crain Blanchard.

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