And He healed them all.

When Jesus began His ministry, people began to follow Him. Most people were curious about this young rabbi. They heard that He was feeding and healing people. During that time period, the only physicians they had were nothing more than a basic paramedic. They could sew up a wound or put a bandage on it. But the people of the day had leprosy, were blind, deaf or mute. One woman had an issue of blood and no one could do anything about that. Some were demonically oppressed. The Bible said that Jesus healed them all, even on the sabbath day. The religious leaders accused Jesus of healing by the devil. It was because they saw the hand writing on the wall. That Jesus was and is the Messiah. Most people were just happy that someone helped them with their problems. And He couldn’t turn His back on people in need. You can guess where this is going. Jesus said greater things shall you do because I go to My Father. He meant that we as children of God will do greater miracles than Jesus did while He was on earth. But wait Jesus came back and is now living inside of every child of God. And in the name of Jesus, we can move mountains. In these days of turmoil and trouble, our focus must be about the kingdom of God. We are here to bring the will of God, our Father, to earth through prayer and actions (Matthew 6:9-13). So what is our answer to God? Are you still focused on your life?

Crain Blanchard.

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