No matter how good your plans are, there is uncertainty in all of them. Uncertainty isn’t there to scare or frighten us. It is there to get us to trust and believe in something or someone greater than ourselves. The old puritan work ethic that we can do anything if we are persistent is partially true. The work ethic is needful to get a person doing the right thing, which is working for a living. But the idea that we are self reliant, is flawed. Every person that has succeeded, has always received help to get there. We don’t do anything without help. We aren’t perfect in anything. There are many noble things about a human being. And those qualities can come out of us if we are helped or enabled to perform our duties to best of our ability. In all of our efforts, we must understand that uncertainty is always there. The scriptures say, when we plan to succeed in our endeavor, we should also say if God wills. And that is the crux of it, if God wills. God is the only person who can control uncertainty. And still He allows it to happen in our lives, so that we can trust and believe God. I don’t like uncertainty. I like all my ducks in a row. But that isn’t what life is about. The opportunity we have to succeed is phenomenal. We can with God’s help do almost anything. But that doesn’t mean that we will succeed all the time. Because uncertainty is always present.

Crain Blanchard.



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