Where do I go?

This world is uncertain at best. As of late it has become scary, not knowing what will happen from day to day. Then you think what will I do or where will I go? No one owns me anything and nothing is guaranteed. So, where do you go? As a people, we have always been taught that we can do anything, with hard work and perseverance. But that isn’t always true. Failure is always in front of us no matter what we do. I came to this place 40 years ago. I didn’t know what to do. I was lost in my own world. I was lying on my bed, reading a magazine about the 12 million abandon children in Brazil. The next think I knew I was standing on my feet crying out to God about the children. At that point I knew that I needed God in my life. I began to pursue God. I wanted to know if He was really real and alive. And I wanted to know if God could help me. So, I kept my eyes and ears open to see and heard anything about God. People began to talk to me about God. One man gave me a book about Corrie Ten Boom, a Christian who lived through the holocaust. I went into business with 2 Christian men, who talked about Jesus every time we had a meeting. God directed my steps to the point I realize that He was real and alive. That was the day I asked for forgiveness and accepted Jesus into my heart. Then I knew where to go and what to do in my life.

Crain Blanchard.



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