Is Jesus returning soon?

It has been 2000 years since Jesus walked on this earth. He told the disciples that He returning. Jesus said His return was at the gate. So when is Jesus returning? He said as a thief in the night. You will not know when or where. But Jesus will keep His word to us. Jesus told the disciples to look at the sign of the times to judge approximately when He was returning. Jesus said only the Father knows the time of His return. But Jesus that we are to live as if He was returning today. It is because, if we live ready to go home, when Jesus returns we will be ready to go home. Many people look and see that He hasn’t return so far, so it doesn’t any difference. I feel sorry for those who don’t believe what Jesus said. But that won’t stop Jesus returning at any time. The only way that we can go home, is to live ready to go. That means that we have to believe and trust God with our life. Asking God to forgive us is the first step. Then we have to walk in God’s path. As He said, narrow is the way and strait is the gate. And few find it (Matthew 7:14). As Paul went throughout Asia Minor, he had to rebuke people who believed that Jesus was returning now. They had stopped working and were living on the their rooftops. That was 2000 years ago. But Jesus is returning soon. In Revelations, John wrote, Come Lord Jesus. Praying for His returning. Jesus is returning and it is soon. But I don’t know the time or the day. But I will be ready to go home when He returns.

Crain Blanchard.

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