Refusing to Believe.

For 3 years, Jesus taught the 12 disciples. Jesus showed them how the kingdom works here on earth. He also told them what would happen in Jerusalem, when He was crucified. Jesus even rebuked Peter for not believing what He had just told him. When the crucifixion came, the disciples were understandably upset. Their whole world was turned upside down. The day of Passover started at sundown, so they had to bury Jesus quickly. Mary Magdalene, Jesus’s mother and Salome went to the grave on the third day to bury Jesus properly. When they got to the tomb, the stone in front of the tomb was rolled away. The women entered the tomb and there was a man in bright clothing sitting in the tomb. He told them that Jesus had risen as He said. He told them to tell the disciples that He would meet them in Galilee.. The women went back and told the disciples. They didn’t believe. Peter and John ran to the tomb and entered in . John believed and Peter didn’t. Until Jesus appeared to them, they didn’t believe. Jesus had dealt with this unbelief all HIs life on earth. The people God chose and showed Himself to them still didn’t believe. The religious leaders asked Jesus for a sign. He called the a evil and adulterous generation that ask for a sign. Jesus said that the only sign they would see is the sign of Jonah. The disciples saw the sign of Jonah, 3 days in the belly of hell, and didn’t believe. Did you know that we will go through the sign of Jonah to believe? Refusing to Believe isn’t something new. It is common to man throughout the ages. Faith, belief, is the only thing that pleases God to move Him to help us. It doesn’t work any other way. This is a call to drop your unbelief and let Jesus show you what is possible.

Crain Blanchard.

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