This Day in 1944.

On this day in June 1944, my dad, William Preston (Bill) Blanchard, was on a troop transport off the coast of Normandy, France. My dad was a combat engineer. He landed on the Omaha beach on D-Day +1. He followed the troops into Germany. Dad served on all theaters of the WWII. He fought in the battle of Dutch Harbour and won the bronze star. He went to Africa then to England for preparation for D-Day. When Dad returned home, he and mom got married. I was the second son. Dad was going to ULL to become an engineer. But when my older brother came along, he went to work and never look back. He worked in the US Post office for 35 years. He never really talked about his time in the military. Before the war, dad worked for ATT. After the war they wanted him to go to Bermuda to set up their phone system. He told them that he had traveled the world and all he wanted to do was stay home. He quit that job and went to the Post Office. Dad was a friendly man. People loved to talk to him and he knew a lot of people. As most men did on this date in history, they gave their youth to fight a war for freedom. But that is who soldiers are. So today I am remembering my dad and the young men that gave their lives for freedom some 77 years ago.

Crain Blanchard.

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