What do I do?

When I became a Christian, I asked that very same question. I did not know what to do to be a Christian other than ask for forgiven and accept Jesus into my heart. This is the beginning of my walk with God. I had to learn a lot of things to be able to maintain my salvation. Yes, salvation requires work on our part. It is freely give, but can be lost if you do not maintain it. The bible says to work out your salvation with fear and trembling. I discovered that what the working out my salvation really means. It is getting to know our Father and Jesus our brother. It is developing the relationship that God wants from each of us. My hearts desire was to know God and to able to carry on a conversation with Him. I first needed to recognize His voice. I wanted to be sure it was God. God helped me by speaking to me through the scriptures. When I became comfortable with that voice, I could recognize it anywhere. I can hear God’s voice over anything else. I can be in a crowd of people talking and when God speaks to me I hear Him. And I can speak to God and He will answer me. My relationship developed to the point where I carry on a daily conversation with God about everything. God goes with me shopping. He finds deals for me all the time. God wants to be part of my everyday life. This is why God made us in the first place. He wants to share all that He has with us, His children. It is a Father and son relationship. Now I know what to do. I follow my Father wherever He leads me. And God is leading me home.

Crain Blanchard.



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