Some Trust in Chariots.

I was praying about my future and my health. And God reminded me of a scripture in Psalms. In Psalm 20:7, it says, some trust in chariots and some in horses. When Psalms was written the main military weapon of the day was horses and chariots. Kingdoms would use this weapon to conquer nations. People trusted in them. In Israel, God gave them specific instructions that they were not to have horses or chariots. The Israelite army marched wherever they went. In Psalm 20, it also says that I will remember the name of the Lord. You see that was the only way that the Israelite army won. Then the Psalm talks about what happens to the nations with horses and chariot. It says that they will be defeated. The application to our lives is very direct. God is saying that we are not to trust in the things of this world. If we do, we will be defeated. But we are to trust in the Lord and remember His promises. But why not have horses or chariots? God said they are a source of pride. And we know that pride goes before the fall of man. When we believe and trust God, we can have confidence in His promises that our lives will turn out the way they are suppose to. I will trust in the Lord and His promises.

Crain Blanchard.

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