Free Indeed.

            A small phrase that has such great meaning. Every person looks for that freedom in our lives. Some find it and some do not. Some people think the money will give you freedom. Some think that knowledge will give you freedom. There are so many ways that people think that they will acquire freedom. Have no doubt freedom is not free. We must earn our freedom and maintain it if we want to keep our freedom viable. Throughout the ages, people have acquired freedom and lost it because they did not keep it alive. America has come closest to attaining true freedom. But because its citizen are refusing to stand up and take on the responsibility for freedom, we may lose it. People from every part of this world see the opportunity for freedom in this country. That is why they come to America. Freedom is a choice only if you are willing to pay the price. That price is your commitment to freedom with your life. That means that you are more concerned with the welfare of others over yourself. With this commitment, you will obtain freedom. Without your commitment, all you have is nothing and slavery. Jesus said if you commit sin, you become the servant or slave of sin. And a servant does not abide in the house forever, but the Son does. And if the son sets the servant free, he is free indeed. Freedom is a choice and everyone has to make that choice. If you do not make any choice you have chosen. Freedom is a commitment that costs you your life. This is true freedom.

Crain Blanchard.

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