Multiple Facets.

Even an uncut diamond has multiple facets. When the stone is cut it glistens in the sun. Its multiple facets draw the eye in. Even when the stone is cut in the same pattern, it is never the same. Its color and clarity is always different. That is what makes a diamond so unique. When we look at a person and see the different jobs they can do, we say they wear many hats. We start out in life with one objective, to eat and sleep. People are fascinated when we began to talk. It was better than sliced bread. As we grew, our job description change over the years. We start school and our parents thought we were the smartest kid around. One grandson is in the second grade, a friend of his said something he did not like, and he popped her in the nose. Learning conflict resolution is an ongoing situation. Then we learned social interaction, being able to talk to people comfortably. Then we learned to work, play, drive a car, manage our money, marry, and have children. As we grow, our skills levels development and we are honed into a smooth running diamond. We have all seen what happens to a person who refuses to be honed and sharpened. Normally, we call that person a wild man. Their life is in disarray. Nothing works right. And until they are willing to surrender, they are not going to change and become a wasted life. There is no hope for them in their present life. We were all that wild man, until we choose to live a decent life. God draws man with His loving kindness and when we accept God begins to work on that diamond. And we are transformed into that beautiful cut diamond that people look at. There is only one way and that is Jesus. And we can become a multiple facets person.

Crain Blanchard.

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