Something to do.

God has given each of us something to do. And it is up to us to fulfill that dream. As a small child, I always wanted to write, either books or articles. I didn’t know how to accomplish that dream and plainly forgot about it. But in my heart, it was always there. My heart was speaking to me all those years. But what I didn’t know it was God who was speaking to me. It was and has been His plan for me all of my life. I have written 5 books that I didn’t publish. It was a passion for me. Sometimes it took me several years to research the book. I did it as a hobby. Then God spoke to me to begin writing a blog about Christianity. The blog is about what I have learned about God and how it applies to my life. Now I have written a book about my experience with the Lord. It is about to be published. I am writing a second book. Hopefully, it will be published after this one. Then I will write a few children’s book in French and English. Then in Spanish and English. This is the something to do that God has given me. My wordcraft has improved dramatically. My syntax is old English because I have used the King James Version Bible all my life. I like the way the sentences are structured. It doesn’t always comply with the standard American English. But I don’t care. I am individual as they come. God made me this way and I am going to be the best I can be as God made me. It is because God has given each of us something to do.

Crain Blanchard.

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