Change is always Unknown.

We look at change as something different or difficult. Like most people, we really don’t care for change in our lives. I know people older than I am who think change is going to kill them. But the only thing that is constant in this world is change. We start as a baby and grow into adulthood. We learn as we grow what to do in this life. It is not by chance that soldiers are 18 to 35 years old. This is the apex of being able to change instantly. As we grow older, our ability to change is affected by our knowledge. I learned long ago that I am a student all my life. Which means that I learn as I grow. I have not reached the pinnacle of my knowledge. There are more things to learn and do in my life. God gave me an inquisitive mind. I learn and grow as I make the new knowledge part of my life. This is change. As the Bible says, there is nothing new under the sun. What was before shall be again. Which means that if we don’t learn from our mistakes, we are doomed to repeat them. Therefore there are so many wars. Change is inevitable. If you refuse to change, the world will leave you behind. Not every change is good. We have to pick and choose which one is for us. Ever since my days as a music director for a Christian radio station, I have liked and listen to Adult Contemporary Christian music. I like today’s Christian  music. The same music the young people listen to. I was saved in the middle of the birth of rock and roll. So, I was spared a lot of noise. God gives us a choice, to choose Him or not. This is change for the better. Learn and see what God has to offer. Embrace change with the knowledge of God.

Crain Blanchard.

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