Trusting God.

God chose Saul to be king over Israel. Saul didn’t trust that God would take care of him. He didn’t believe or trust God’s word. Because of this, Saul did what he wanted. It not only cost him the kingdom, but it cost him his relationship with God. God rejected him as king and chose another whose heart was right. Saul was in agony. His heart condemn him, so he didn’t have access to God. In his pray, there was much pain. Solomon, when he prayed his prayer to dedicate the Temple, knew that God would hear him. In worship and an attitude of reverence, Solomon asked God to dwell in the Temple. He knew God would have mercy on anyone who turned their hearts to God and asked for forgiveness. God filled the entire Temple with His presence. Everyone had to run out of it. God fulfilled His part of the covenant, He had made with David and Solomon. Man has not always fulfilled his part of the covenant, but God has had mercy on us. Thank God. The Word of God says to worship God in spirit and truth. With our hearts turned to God praying as we ought. There are 3 kinds of prayer, praying expecting an answer, praying expecting an answer to come to you and praying expecting the answer to come to you and not stopping until it does. Praying expecting the answer to come to you and not stopping until it does is intercession. God will give anyone who will stand until the answer comes the answer, no matter what it is. Let me know what happens.

Crain Blanchard.

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