Prayer by Crain Blanchard.

I have been writing a book for almost a year. I have spoken about it on several occasions. It is a book about my journey with Christ. I started 40 years ago. When I first came to the Lord, I wanted to hear His voice clearly. I studied the Word of God and pursued God every day. I wanted to know who this God was and what He had for me. Everybody had their own story, but I wanted to make my own with Jesus. So I began to walk and study what God said in His Word. I will tell you a fact, I am so homesick I can hardly stand it. This world is not our own. We are just walking through to get to heaven.

            Prayer is communication with God. Therefore I wanted to hear God’s voice clearly. Do you know who God’s voice is? It is Jesus.

            The book will be release on October 11, 2021. It is already on Amazon. Right now you can pre-order the book and it will be shipped on October 11. It is also at Barnes and Noble.

            I hope and pray that this book will bless you and strengthen your walk with Jesus. The link for the book is below. God bless and keep you. Crain Blanchard.

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