The Last Sunday before Christmas.

The last Sunday before Christmas is about the joy of the Lord. Joy is different from happiness. Happiness is for the moment. Joy is what sustains us through everything. It is taking happiness to a much greater level. Jesus faced the cross and all its pain and misery with joy. When the Israelites came back from Babylonian captivity, the priests began to read the word of God. The people starting weeping and crying because of what they had done to God. Nehimiah quieted them. He said this was a celebration and they were not to cry or moan. He said that the joy of the Lord was their strength. Joy is a strength that we can rely on in the good times and the bad. How do you get this joy? We receive this joy by accepting God’s promise Jesus and let the Holy Spirit come into our hearts. He brings the love and joy of God into us. Then we can face any obstacle that presents itself. Looking to the second coming of Jesus, we can have joy until we go home to heaven, or He arrives here on earth. What I have been talking about in the last four blogs is the four Sundays of Advent to Christmas. I wanted to show what their true meaning was and how it applied to all of us. Christmas is coming up and I hope and pray that you and your family have a blessed and holy Christmas and Bonne annee.

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Crain Blanchard.

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