Christmas Future.

The spirit of Christmas is a joyous thing to have. We love the special feeling that we get during the Christmas season. It is the one time a year that we focus on someone other than ourselves. My grandmother was the first one to show me that unconditional love all year long. And that is what the spirit of Christmas really is, unconditional love. It took awhile for me to learn that what I needed and wanted was that unconditional love. God gave His best when He sent Jesus to earth. But we see this unconditional love in other people and recognize it as the love of God. That is why as a believer I am an example of God’s love on this earth. Do people see that unconditional love in you? If not, why not? We want the world to be a safer and kinder world. Well, are you the example that God wants on this earth all year long? Only you can answer that question. To the non-believers, Jesus is our example and one we should all look to. When we accept Jesus into our hearts, our lives are changed for better, and we know the unconditional love our Father God has for us. It is not complicated at all. Unconditional love is very simple. God loves us all the time, no matter what. This love will not save you from hell unless you accept this love in your heart. The Bible says that the goodness of God leads us to repentance. Therefore, the reason for the Christmas season is Jesus. He is the epitome of the unconditional love of God. And we can be the example of that unconditional love, the spirit of Christmas, in the lives of other people. The we can bring the Christmas present to the future.

I want to wish everyone a Joyeux Noel, Merry Christmas, and a Bonne Annee.

This is the link to my book.

Crain Blanchard.

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