What value is persistence?

Persistence is doing something consistently over a long period of time of time. My cat is persistent when she wants to be feed. She will not stop meowing until someone feeds her or we put her in her carryall. It can get quite annoying sometimes. Jesus used parables to teach people about kingdom principals. There is a parable about persistence called the unjust judge. In Luke 18, Jesus taught about having faith that persist. He said that there was a judge, who did not fear God or regard man. A women came to him to get a favorable judgement. At first the judge did not rule in her favor, but the woman persisted. She persisted so much that the judge ruled in her favor to be rid of her. Jesus said that this is how we are to use our faith toward God. We are to be persist in our believing. And God will answer our prayers. As the bible says that we first must believe that God is and a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. Being persistent is what God wants us to be in the kingdom. Everything that we do in the kingdom rest upon us having faith and being persistent in that believing. So many people give up because they do not see the answer to their prayers immediately. The longest prayer I have ever prayed was 22 years. It was for the salvation and baptism of the Holy Ghost for my 4 sons. The shortest prayer was answered in a blink of an eye. Our faith must be persistent for God to bring about an answer from heaven.

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Crain Blanchard.



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