Encourage yourself in the Lord.

The story I want to tell you in 1 Samuel chapter 30. David and his army of 600 men, gathered with the Philistines to battle against the Israelites. David offered to fight the Israelites, because the Philistines had given David and his army sanctuary from King Saul in their country. Philistine leaders did not want David in their army for fear that David would turn against them. So, David and his army returned to Ziklag. In the mean time, the Amalekites had raid Ziklag and taken all captive, all their wives and children and all their animals. Then they burned Ziklag to the ground. When David and his men returned, they were all greived and began to wept until they had no strength left. Then David’s men became angry with David, to the point that they wanted to kill him. David had lost everything also. David turned to the one person who he knew would help him. David turned to God and encouraged himself in the Lord. He called the priest to bring the Ephod, the vest with the 12 stones of the tribes of Israel, to inquire of God. David asked God if they were to pursue the Amalekites and would defeat them. God told David to pursue and they would not lose anyone taken captive.

David pursued and destroyed the Amalekites. The battle lasted one whole day. And only 400 Amalekites escaped on camels. David recovered all that the Amalekites had taken from him and from the other cities they raided. David was encouraged by God, not only in the battle but before. Encouragement in the Lord is about what you believe. If you believe that God can defend and protect you, then He will. It is about faith in God and what you are allowing God to do in your life. God intervenes in the lives of man to bring about His plan for us. But to get God to help you personally is all about faith in Him. For God is a rewarder of them that diligent seek Him. So, what am I talking about? I talking about when we go through hell and need help. We are to turn to God and ask for help, knowing that God will listen and answer His children. When we encourage ourselves in the Lord, God is glorified and He answer our prayers.

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Crain Blanchard.



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