Bridging the Gap.

There is a story in the book of Luke about a rich young ruler. He only thought of himself. His life was about acquiring things. At his gate was a beggar named Lazarus. He had nothing and was sick. He begged for food because he was starving. The rich young ruler ignored the beggar. He would not help the man at all. Lazarus died at his gate and the rich young ruler died the same night. Lazarus woke up in the arms of Abraham in paradise. The rich young ruler woke up in hell. The rich young ruler called out to Abraham to send Lazarus with some water to quench his thirst. Abraham said there is a great gap between you and me that cannot be bridged. Then the rich young ruler asked Abraham to send someone to his 5 brothers on earth. Abraham said they have Moses and the prophets. If they will not listen to them, they will not listen to someone who was raised from the dead. The story is about bridging the gap between our lives and God’s. we have the opportunity to close that distance here on earth. But if we wait until we died, there is no help for us. We must make sure of our salvation here on the earth. Then we are assured that salvation in heaven. Bridging the gap to God is simple and doable. It is all about accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior here on earth. Then when we crossover to the other side, we will make it into heaven.

This is the link to my book.

Crain Blanchard.

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