When Jesus died on the Cross

When Jesus died on the cross, the people of Jerusalem came out and laughed, jeered and mocked him. It seemed as if there was no one for him. His mother was at his feet, crying. The Apostle John came with Mary and several women. The Centurion that crucified Jesus began to believe in him. But the shame of it was that I was at that cross mocking and jeering the Son of God. Until I was 28 years old, I stood at that cross and cursed God. All that Jesus did to redeem me for hell and the grave and I cursed him. I kept hearing my name being called from a long way off. I would turn to see who was calling me. Finally when I was 28 years old, I understood who was calling. It was Jesus calling from the cross. Telling me that He loved me just the way I was and to come home. He is calling out. All you have to do is listen for your name and turn toward him. He loves us as we are and will accept us. Listen.

Crain Blanchard



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