Jonah the Prophet and General MacArthur.

You would not think that they have anything in common. But they do. Everybody knows the story of Jonah and the whale. God gave to Jonah the greatest revival in the ancient world and God gave General MacArthur the greatest revival in the 20th century. Each man had difficulties getting to the place where the revivals took place. Jonah, of course, did not want to go to Nineveh, because he hated the Assyrians for what they did to Israel. General MacArthur had to fight his way to Japan, to get to the place where the revival would happen. It took Jonah about 6 months to get to Nineveh and it took General MacArthur 4 years to get to Japan. God had a plan for each man to fulfill. Jonah walked across Nineveh in about 3 days. As he preached the gospel, people began to repent and put on sackcloth and ashes. When the king of the Assyrians heard the gospel, he repented and commanded that everyone put on sackcloth and ashes from the highest to the lowest. General MacArthur became governor of Japan and saw a people demoralized because they lost their belief system. God showed him that Christianity was the only hope the Japanese people had. He called for missionaries to come to Japan. Over 2000 missionaries came to Japan. Revival broke out among the people. In four years, a great revival happened in Japan, and they accepted Jesus as Lord. God gave Jonah the largest revival in the Old Testament over a 100,000 people repented and turned to Jesus. God gave General MacArthur the largest revival in the 20th century where over 4 million people accepted Jesus as Lord. These 2 events changed the world. Just think what you can do if you listen and obeyed God.

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Crain Blanchard.

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