What’s Next?

Looking at the history of our country, America, we are not strangers to trouble. but our country has moved along with every struggle that we have gone through. Usually, we progressed strong than every. In the past 20 years, it have been different. From 2000, there has been disaster after disaster. Each one has been more devastating than the last. Each of the disasters has cost more money than we seemed to have. They have never stopped. If it was a terrorist attack, it was a fire, or a hurricane. Let us not forget the tornados that wiped out much of the mid-western states. And they lasted for almost 2 years. Then there is the on-going megadrought in the western states. Which has been on-going for 22 years. Just look at the statistics for Lake Powell and Lake Mead. Those 2 lakes provided water for irrigation and electricity to 4 states that produce 40% of all foodstuffs for the US. Lake Powell is at 138ft. deep. Normally, it is 583ft. deep. Lake Mead is 532ft. deep. Normally, it is 1229ft. deep.

There is no amount of money or government program that can stop or reverse this disaster. If the drought continues, Boulder dam will stop producing electricity and suppling water to grow food. If you take 40% of our food away, what will people live on?

I have said all this for one reason. There is only one person who can stop these disasters. One person alone. And I know that most people don’t want to hear this, but what will it take for you to listen to the truth. How many nations have fallen because they couldn’t feed their people? This isn’t a scare tactic. This is a reality check. I’ll ask you the question. Are you in right standing with God/Jesus? If you aren’t, then you can remedy the situation by asking for forgiveness and accepting Jesus in your heart. I live by Assurance, not insurance. And I know that if I seek God first and His righteousness, everything else will be added by God.

Crain Blanchard



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