Most people think that gentleness is weakness. But it isn’t so. Gentleness takes great strength of character. I have found that men of great strength both physically and spiritually are gentle. I worked for a Christian radio station during the Year of the Bible in the United States. I interviewed leaders from most denominations. What I found is that these people were very kind and gentle toward me. It surprised me. I was expecting them to be corporate types, rude and arrogant. One day when I was running a Christian bookstore, a little old man walked in to the store. He was selling books. His name was Hubert Lindsey. I didn’t know that he was an important prophet of God. He was very gentle and kind to me. I enjoyed talking to him. He was a very powerful man of God. If you don’t know who Holy Hubert is just google it. God showed me many people and how they lived their lives for God. I have met so many great men and women of God. They all had one thing in common. They were gentle. It took a while for me to learn to be gentle. I always thought that being powerful wasn’t being gentle. Jesus always went about loving people. Seeing about their needs so that He could win them over. God doesn’t carry a big stick and hit you on your head when you sin. God calls our name and gently brings us back into the kingdom. When you look for a Christian, look for a person who is gentle. I tell you a truth, because that person who is gentle knows God.

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