The definition of goodness is moral excellence or virtue. It is not very often that you hear someone say that a person is really a good person. More often than not it is said of a person that does something special for another. But that isn’t the real question. The real question is how does a person become good. I have heard every expletive deleted about people. There are so many foul names someone can call another person you would blush. For the most part it is true. Man is so corrupt that you could easily lose faith in man every doing anything good. But there is a way that man can change into a good person. Man doesn’t have the power to change himself. People may stop doing things because it isn’t convenient. That doesn’t mean they have changed. Goodness has to come from their heart to be real. And the only way I know that it becomes real in a person is when God changes their heart and mind. Jesus said it Himself, there is none good except God. That’s a damming statement if I ever heard one. How does a person become good? The bible says that the goodness of God leads us to salvation. Because God is good, He is willing to bring us to the place where we can accept Him into our lives. Thank God for that. Looking back at some civilizations in the Old Testament, God purposely destroyed them because of their sin. That is a place you don’t want to be. King David, when he was troubled by anything, would recount the blessings (goodness) of the Lord. It builds faith when you do. God can turn anything corrupt into something good if we only let Him. Then you would become a good person too.

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