So Great a Cloud of Witnesses

Would you do some of the things that you do if your parents or grandparents were watching? I would hardly think so. Just think to have your family watching as you go clubbing. Some people have lost all their shame. Still there are some that still have it. Yes I said shame. It is a natural response to getting caught doing something bad. Do you remember the red face when you were caught in a lie? It is called shamefaced. It was put into your life by God to help you to make the right decision. I have seen people work hard at getting rid of their shame. The bible says that bad company corrupts good morals. This is very true. You hang out with the wrong crowd and all that it comes to is a death spiral. Look at the young people in gangs. Most of them are dead by 21 years old or in prison for life. I hear people say they never had a change. It is too hard to break out of the death spiral. Yet, I have seen people come to this country with nothing, but the clothes on their back. He went to work and college. He graduated as an architect, then sponsored his brother who graduated from college. Together they sponsor the rest of the family. Today they are successful, because they worked at it. They choose the right way and followed it. There are many people who are successful because they work at it. God said by the sweat of your brow shall you eat. Let me get back to the great cloud of witnesses. Your parents, grandparents, cousin, relatives and friends who have gone on before you are watching you every day. So when you go clubbing and act the fool, they see you up close and personal. Shame isn’t a bad thing. It is a necessary thing.

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