Considering the End of their Conversation

Do you ever think about what people say to you? As I was growing up, I would listen to my mother. She always didn’t know what to say to me, but she tried. For a long time I would just do what she said. When I actually started high school, things began to change. As I would think about what was being said and what I wanted to do, well. It didn’t always work out to my benefit. Sometimes it was a real disaster. I know my parents wanted the best for me. I was an individual all my life. I didn’t want to graduate from high school because I knew what was coming. I would have to grow up. People were always telling me things. Sometimes I would listen, sometimes I wouldn’t. I was going to do what I wanted. So I thought. We don’t live on an island, myself ourselves. People will always be part of our lives. That means social interaction. If you don’t behave, people will have nothing to do with you. If you let people run over you, you won’t accomplish much in your life. So you have to be somewhere in the middle. I thought my parents were idiots until I grew up and saw them differently. But I still didn’t trust too many people’s opinions. When God came into my life, it took a lot for God to break that exterior shell I had erected. But when He did and won my trust, the world opened for me. I know that when my heavenly Father talks to me about a subject, I have to consider the end of our conversation. God doesn’t talk to me about unimportant topics. We have had conversation about nothing, like the weather or shopping for clothes. But when He talks to me about heavenly things, I know that I need to pay close attention. My life is hanging in the balance when we have those conversations. Think of what God is saying and consider the end of His conversation.

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