Kings and Priest

All throughout history there has been kings and there has been priest. The king ruled over the people in civil matters. The priest ruled over people in the spiritual matters. It was very rare all over the world to have a king that was a priest. The English king Edward the Confessor was the exception. In Israel, it was the rule rather than the exception. Moses was priest and judge over Israel. That was until Israel asked God for a king to be like the other nations. God gave them their wishes and the heartache that went with it. The kings of Israel didn’t work out so well. The people regretted their decision to choose a king. God wanted all of Israel to be priest to God. But they refused God’s offer. It cost them dearly for that mistake. God was going to set up a kingdom where the people were kings and priest to God. It took over 2000 years for the kingdom to arrive and it did with Jesus. As a king and priest you would have access to God and the authority to carry out His will on this earth. This is something that God has always wanted for man. It began with Adam in the Garden of Eden. When Adam lost his authority, God has been trying to restore it man. It took a very long time for man to accept it again. Man’s rightful place is in the kingdom of God. God has been patiently waiting for man to come home. Where are you today? How far are you from the kingdom of God?

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