Bearing the Cross with Joy

It always amazed me how that Jesus went to the cross freely. He wasn’t made to take on the suffering of a lifetime. Jesus chose to bear the death on the cross with joy. Joy and happiness aren’t the same thing. Joy is the comfort in your heart of knowing that what you are doing is right. Happiness is just momentary pleasure. It is why God said that the joy of the Lord is my strength. As you well know that life isn’t fair. Bad things happen to good people. As well as good things happen to bad people. God says that rain is a blessing and it falls on the just and the unjust equally. How we can walk through this world is for the joy that is set before us. I can’t say that I have been happy walking through this world all the time. But I can say that I have had warm blanket covering my heart as I walked through trouble. I have has people fuss me until they were blue. Then I told them thank you and be blessed of God. They didn’t know what to say after that. It was because the joy of the Lord kept me safe. I smile and laugh at trouble. People have looked at me sideways and said he is crazy. I would turn around and say no, I am a fool for Christ. I always ready to give answer to anyone who asked why I believe. God saved me from death. He raised me up and made me a son of God. He blessed my life with a wife and family. He has kept my family and I from disease and death and destruction. I am on my way home. My home isn’t this earth. My home is heaven with my Father, my old Brother and the Holy Spirit. And I am homesick and very tired of this world. It has nothing in it that is worth my life with God. For all the plans of mice and men, everyone will die and stand before God in judgement. What you do here will determine what will happen to you on the other side.

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