In Thought, Word and Deed

How do things change? It is said that a person has to repeat an action for 30 days before it becomes a habit. Undoing a habit is just the same but in reverse. So man has to learn to do anything. He has to repeat an action for it to become part of him. After WWII, China wanted a way to reach the masses and teach them their doctrines. So they looked for a successful way of doing this. Guess what, they saw how much comic books affected American children. They began to publish their doctrine in comic books and it worked very well. The process always begins with a thought. To capture someone attention, you must show them something they have never seen before. Once you capture their imagination, it is easy to teach people. Then you need to get them to talk about it. When the conversation begins, people come to an understanding of what it really is. With the understanding, the next step is the doing part. If you ask man who invented this, they will say they did. This doctrine became popular in the 20th century. You want to guess how old this doctrine is. It is a fundamental principle of God. He put it together in the beginning of time. It is very simple. What you do is put forth a principle or commandment. Then you preach this principle to everyone. Then get them to talk about, which products faith. Then faith works on you to believe what God is saying. Then once you believe it is time to put the principle into action. Which in God’s realm produces a positive outcome. For without faith it is impossible to please God. And faith without works is dead being alone. So the process is read the God’s word and think about it. Then talk about what you read with other people. Then do what the word is saying. This is how miracles are done. It is in Thought, Word and Deed.

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