Think on These Things

You know what is really strange is that the Christians of the 1st century didn’t have a bible in their house. This is why Paul and the other preachers went to the local synagogue. Each one had a bible on hand. The bibles were expensive and hard to come by. Back then the Preachers had to talk about what God was saying. Today the bible is the most published and purchased book of all time. There are at least one bible in every home. Most homes have several. The beginning of Western Civilization started with the printing of the Gutenberg Bible. This one book has impacted more people than any other book. It is divided into books, chapters and verses. The Old Testament was one continuous scroll. Today’s bible is writing in every language. It is also written in many versions. So we can read for ourselves what God is saying to us. What is even stranger is that we have the bible laid out before us and most people don’t want to read it. In the 1st century Paul wrote letters or epistles to different churches to reinforce the truth. People were coming behind the preachers and trying to stop people from being Christians. Paul wrote many letters. He wrote to one church 3 different times. They weren’t doing so well. Today you don’t have to take any bodies word. You can read it for yourself. Once we have read these things, God wants us to think about them. What are we talking about, well the truth. I not talking about our truth. What I am talking about is God’s truth. Think on what is just or right. Think on what is pure and lovely. Think on what is of a good report. God say that if we think on these things, that the peace of God will keep our hearts and minds.

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