Our lives are to be examples. We are not only learn how to live in this world but an example of what is right. Our parents did their very best to teach us the difference between right and wrong. And in turn you teach your children. It is supposed to be an unbroken chain. In a perfect world that is what is supposed to happen. Now in the real world, it doesn’t always go like that. My parents both worked. Mom was a school teacher and dad worked for the post office. Which means they were busy. Dad’s method of teaching was a firm hand. Mom being the teacher tried her best to show us the way. Dad had this thick black belt and he was always chasing us boys. I have 3 brothers and we were a handful. We went to a good high school. It was a college prep school. And each of us went to college, but only 2 of us finished. Our parents offered each of us to pay for college and a car upon graduation. But things get in the way of life. Mine was the Vietnam War. I went into the Air Force instead being drafted into the Marine Corps. My older brother was drafted into the Army after he finished college. In the Army’s wisdom, they sent him to medic school. He had a college degree in Personal Management. He ended up delivering babies at the Army base in San Francisco. Life has such twists and turns, no one knows exactly what is going to happen. But I know someone that can be trusted to guide my life in the right direction. It took a while for me to find Him. And to my surprise, He was always there. He looked out for me since my birth. And His name is Jesus. Call upon Him and ask Him and He will help you with your life.

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