How do you know?

A question for the ages, how to know. Growing up I was never certain about anything. My body was never the same size because it was always changing. Everything changes every day. How do you know for sure? As life goes by it like you in movie of your life. Sometimes it is in slow motion. And then again my life has gone by in flash. Yesterday I was 18 years old, then I looked in the mirror and saw a wrinkled face. How do you know what to do or where to go? When I graduated from high school, my mother said I had a frown on my face. I realized that that part of my life was over and the future was uncertain. That uncertainty cause problems in my life. I like to have things in order, neatly in order. There was a plan for my life, I wasn’t finding it. What I didn’t know was that the plan was unfolding despite me. Learning that you aren’t in control of everything is unsettling at the least. I wanted predictable things in my life. I wanted to see results like I thought should be. When the whole thing collapsed on me, I found the thing that never changes. I wish I had been more willing to listen to the truth. I wouldn’t have suffered as much as I did. But the plan for my life depended on me listening and surrendering my life voluntarily. So when I got myself into a hole I couldn’t get out of, I stopped and listened. I was surprised at what I heard. I found someone who loved me for me. It didn’t make any difference what I had done. I had come home. And my Father was there waiting for me. He opened His arms and held me. I had come home to my Father and Jesus. I began to see how much He loved me and had helped me all along the way. He never forsook me or left me alone. I have lived at my Father’s home for 35 years. I wouldn’t live anywhere else. And all you have to do is ask.

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