Are you having fun yet?

Are you enjoying your life? Yes, yes, I know life has burdens. There are things that weight you down. But are you enjoying things and people God has given in your life? I was at a big box store the other day, a young mother and her son and friends came in. The boys were about 7 or 8 years old. There were 4 of them. The mother was in a hurry and the boys were just enjoying themselves. They were arm in arm walking behind the mom. They weren’t making any noise or disturbing the mom’s shopping. They were just enjoying each other’s company. The mom was busy with the shopping and didn’t see the beauty of the moment. I laugh as the boys just kept walking together. I enjoyed the moment as much as they did. There is beauty all around us. It is just looking for it. When you find it, then to enjoy the moment. I have seen people and I am sure you have too, that couldn’t see anything because they were weighted down by life. This isn’t just right or that is just too much. I feel sorry for them. As the expression goes, they can’t see the forest for the trees. There are many horrible things in this life, but what makes this life worth living are the beautiful things you find. I went to a wedding this past weekend and my nephew was taking pictures. I was reminded of the joy and beauty I have seen. I thank God that I have. We were enjoying each other’s company. Although I have gone through a lot with my family, I love them dearly, big belly’s and all. It is one of the things God wants us to do. That is to enjoy the now and look for the beauty in it all.

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