Doing Something Unusual

My wife and I are fairly conservative. We like a quiet and well managed life. But every so often we like to do something unusual. It is so that we don’t become stagnant or boring. My niece was getting married and we wanted to go. My niece lives in a big southern city. We drove into town and got there about 3pm on Friday. Just in time for the 5pm traffic rush. It takes 2 hours to go over the bridge to the other side. What was a real surprise to us was that all the drivers were courteous to each other. No one was honking horns or yelling and cursing at each other. As we were there 2 cruise ships docked in the port and all the passengers came into the city. We finally got to our 5 star hotel. It was nice. I mean people waited on us hand and foot. It started with the valet parking. Then the front desk personnel did everything but pick us up and carry us to the room. A king size bed with a bathroom as big as the bedroom. It had a Jacuzzi tub that was big enough for 2 people. It was almost country come to town. We went to restaurants that were excellent. Friday night it was a seafood restaurant. We were with friends and family. After the meal, we ordered a Crème Brule that was a big as a dinner plate. 4 people ate from it. Unfortunately or fortunately I ate the most of it. About 3am I paid for it. The next night was even better than the Friday night. We went to a prime rib restaurant. There was so much food, it took 3 hours to eat. That I paid for too about 4am. The wedding was great. We had a wonderful time. The family came together and we took pictures of everything. The young man coming into our family doesn’t yet know what he is getting into. My family has never been shy about expressing themselves publicly. This young man will fit in perfectly. When you feel that there is nothing new to do or see. Go to a family wedding and enjoy yourself. For all that our families are, they want to be with you and share their lives. And do something unusual, share your life with someone else. You never know what will happen.

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