Home is calling

Home is calling out to me. I can hear my name being called to come home. Do you remember when you were young and your mother was calling you to come in? It was time for supper and play time was over. My mom said if we didn’t come into the house she would send my father to get me. I was on a high rise building this past weekend. I was looking at the skyline in the morning sun. It was beautiful. The temperature was in the 60’s and the sun was shining. It was like time had stopped. The skies were blue. It was as if I was transported to another world. Then this world came crashing down on me. And I remembered all the duties I had to do. I am so homesick. I want to go home to my Father. But I can’t leave because there is work to do in this world. I haven’t finished the things that are necessary. This blog is one of those things that is necessary, not for me but for you. The Apostle Paul said I am torn between to 2. I want to go home, but I must stay for your sake. He stayed to fulfill God’s plan in his life. He preached the gospel to kings. In the end he was put to death for his belief. And he went home. Home isn’t a strange unusual place that no one has ever heard of. It is a wonderful place fill with beauty and people. As God says there are no tears in heaven. There is no pain or suffering in heaven. My younger brother who just died asked me about heaven. He asked was there pain in death. I told him that death was a door opening to the other side. The pain is in this world. I told him that Jesus would come to get him. He would close his eyes and fall asleep. Then he would awake in heaven. Oh that I could awake in heaven today.

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