In One Mind and One Accord

The people of Ancient Babylon spoke one language. It was the language of the world. Everyone spoke the same language. The King of Babylon was a powerful man because of the people he ruled. The Babylonian people were very smart and figured out how to build a beautiful city, the hanging gardens of Babylon, in the middle of the desert. They were a very advanced civilization. They were so smart they figured out that they didn’t need God at all. So they began to build a tower high enough that the king could shoot an arrow at God and tell Him that they didn’t need Him. God looked at the Babylonians and said nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined God scrambled their languages so that they couldn’t understand each other. In 1775, 77 men and boys formed their militia on the green at Lexington. 400 British Regulars marched into town. They ordered the militia to go home. But they wouldn’t. No one knows who fired the first shot. But when the shooting started, 7 militiamen fell died. The rest ran for cover. The call went out to the Massachusetts’ militia. The British had about 1500 troops and were marching on Concord. 3900 Massachusetts’ militia came out to face the British. They fought the British Indian style and chased them back to Boston. The British causalities were over 200 men. When all the British troops reached Boston, the militia surrounded the city with bonfires. It was known that the British General Gates told his subordinate that they were defeated by an idea. Being in one mind and one accord was how the American people became a nation. God was not against us being in one mind and one accord. He was against people using it to fight God. Today people need to be in one mind and one accord. It is the only way we as a people will solve the problems facing us with God’s help.

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