Express Yourself

All my life I wanted to express myself in some form or fashion. I wanted to be able to tell people something worthwhile. I didn’t want to tell a joke or antidote. Although I have developed a very dry sense of humor. Of which not everyone appreciates. But I have lived with people not getting me or understanding what I was saying. At first I thought it was because of the dyslexia I had. Words would get jumbled in my head and wouldn’t come out right in my mouth. But soon saw that it wasn’t the case. I was never loud or forceful. What I had to say was quiet but important. So when I arrived at college I figured that communication would be a good field for to go into. So I did, but became distracted with all the activities of college, especially fraternities. I didn’t stick to my plan and flunked out of school. I still wanted to communicate with people. I have never lost the desire to speak or write or teach. I went back years later but it wasn’t the same. I had developed the story telling ability in me. I can spin a good yarn or tale. I can transform people to different places with my stories. What developed was children’s stories. I work in radio and wrote a radio show for children. I still have the original recording with all the sound effects. And I worked in television. But this wasn’t the forum for me. I wanted to write. I can express myself anyway I want when I write. Writing seems to be a dying art form. I have always like to read. I used to get Time magazine. I would read it from front to back. It was interesting me about the world and its antics. I read all the time. It is the best way to learn things. As the bible says, for in a multitude of counselors there is much safety.

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