To Help People

One of the most rewarding things I could do in this world is to help people. It stirs my soul like nothing else. But it seems like helping people has lost its luster. When I look at the news, local or national, the special story is about someone helping someone else. It looked like the only reason that person did help the other was to get on the news. That is a sad and pathetic testimony of mankind. Jesus talked about the Pharisees that made a great pretense of praying great prayers on the street corners of the city. He said they have their reward. But if you want God to bless you, pray in secret and God will reward you openly. The same is about helping people. You help people because are in need not to make a show of it. There are people who I have helped and no one knows about or ever will. It is not for sale. I went about doing good to make things right in this world. A kind word or gesture, like opening a door for people, goes a long way. Even if the person doesn’t see the gesture, you have done something for yourself. It is always a joy to me to know that I did a small gesture of kindness to anyone. It doesn’t make me weak or ineffective in anything. If fact it is a sign of strength of character in my life. Helping people used to be the standard in every community. People would come for miles to help build a barn or harvest crops. No payment was required. It was gesture of kindness in their lives. Now I wonder how mankind will survive in this world. People killing each other over nothing. There is only one outcome if it continues. That is the total destruction of man and this earth. The bible says if you want friends then show yourself friendly.

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