The Person of Jesus

I want to talk about who Jesus is. Not about what religion perceives He is. It took me a long time to figure out that He was more than just an icon. I had to go through trials, some of my own making, before I saw a clear picture of Jesus. When I first met Jesus, all that I knew of Him was taught in religion classes. This is a very narrow view of Him. Jesus came to this earth as man so we could relate to Him. He spent time growing into a man who loved people. Most people don’t understand that when it was time to die for our sins, Jesus didn’t want to die. But He was going to do His Father’s will on this earth. He was a human being as much as we are. Jesus suffered temptations just like we do. When I asked Him into my heart, I began to know Jesus. But like any relationship I had to spend time walking and talking to Him. I had to give my time and effort to develop a relationship. It seemed so foreign to me when I started. It wasn’t what I had been taught. I had to unlearn many concepts of Him. Jesus would talk to me every day. He would spend time with me not only to teach but to be with me. We would go to the store or just for walks. It was always interesting that Christian people would find this odd. They never saw Jesus as personable. He is in every way an approachable human being. Yes, He is my God and we must respect Him as such. But Jesus was a regular guy like you and me. Since the beginning of time, God has wanted to develop a relationship with His children. The bible is full of stories about this very thing. I have been walking with Jesus for some 38 years. And you know what I have found out. That Jesus, who is my God, is also my older brother. And my Father sits on the throne in heaven. And my older brother and my friend loved me so much that He died to pay for my sins.

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